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Witty banter courtesy of... my mom! [20 Aug 2010|02:10am]
[ mood | calm ]

So to give you a quick update, I've been rapidly preparing for law school, getting important and fun things- a new bedsheet set, a mini netbook to take to class and take notes in, and few other small things... And enjoying witty banter with my mom in the process! ^_^

I was deciding between a couple bedsheet/comforter sets, and my mom was telling me it couldn't be that hard, I should just pick the one I like better. But I couldn't, cause I liked them all the same. She didn't think that was possible.

Me: This is your fault! You raised me to be too diplomatic. I blame you!
Mom: It can't be my fault. I *myself* am not that diplomatic. I can't have taught you that.

Luckily I managed to pick one eventually. And a tiny laptop too! It will of course not replace Sonatina, she will still be my primary laptop, Reisha (which is what I decided to call her) will just be a companion, a little sister if you will. And it took me so long to come up with a name! And of course the first thing it asks when you turn on the computer is "Type a name for this computer". Reminded me of movies where a child is born and the first thing they ask the parent is what the name is.

Me: It's like, the child is born and the first thing they say is "What is the baby's name?" What if you don't have one prepared?
Mom: You had 9 months to prepare...

And of course, she is right. Heh. That's all for this entry, more to come soon once orientation for law school is under way. I will say this though. I feel like I started out kinda meh about law school, and then about halfway through the summer I realized it was real and happening and then I was just terrified. But now, after all this getting ready, and finding out what my section is, and what my courses are (even if they are probably going to be pretty dry), and meeting other law students, I'm actually getting excited. Which is good, I am really hoping this whole thing turns out nice.

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A short excursion into the world of online "dating"... [20 Jul 2010|11:05pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Hey guys. So, in the time since you last talked to me, I managed to get a PlentyOfFish account, get way too many emails, reply as best I could, and then delete it. Why? Well, mostly, I was curious. And why end it? Well, because I was in it for the wrong reasons. Let me elaborate...

So, I know a good lot of my friends who've found cool people via dating sites. Some who've found life partners. Not to mention, pretty much alllll of my friends have found some sort of romantic partner. Maybe I was a little jealous. Who knows. So, I made a profile on PlentyOfFish, then sat back and waited. I got 14 messages in one day. And they just kept coming. And I tried to patiently reply to them all, to be polite and kind, and there were just so many. Most of whom I'd never date, probably wouldn't even talk to very long if I met them in real life. But outright ignoring those messages (as most seasoned users would agree is necessary) didn't feel right to me either.

So I stepped back and thought about it. Did I really want to meet someone online and date them? Surely some people do, and more power to them, but do I? Not really. I'd definitely want to be friends first, for a while, before I'd even consider romance, but most people on those sites are looking for romance, and it's not quite fair to them to give them a whole lot of friendship and maybe romance, instead. And, the way I'd imagine finding a partner, *if* I were to find a partner, is almost by accident- I'd get to know someone and then one day we'd realize we liked each other, but it wouldn't be because we were missing something or were looking for something, it would be more like we'd get to experience something we didn't even know before that we wanted.

And finally... (now here's the kicker) do I really even want a romantic partner to begin with? And perhaps... the answer is no. I feel like we've been conditioned to want romance, and especially when it seems everyone around you is finding it, it's hard not to. But just because everyone else is doing it has never been a good reason to do anything, and if what I really want is a loyal friend, then that's what I should find- a loyal friend. Maybe I should make more effort to hang out with my friends, even though they have significant others, especially those that don't get to see their partners much because they are far away or have a job that keeps them busy. What are the chances anyway, that I'd ever find others as awesome as the friends I have now?

Makes me wonder too, why so many people are so inclined to "pairing off". I've been told many do it to avoid loneliness, or to make sure that there is someone who will especially stick by them when others pair off with people, so maybe some people do find these acceptable reasons. But to me, it seems like attending an event just to get the free food served there (which yes, I have done, but probably isn't good to do for more important things). It would seem to be better, I think, if we were all just a world that was friends with each other- there'd be less drama, less exclusion, fewer people sadly searching for a partner. But I don't know, maybe I am missing something, maybe there is more to romance than just what a great friend can provide. You all who are reading this might know, feel free to share...

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Back again [05 Jul 2010|02:53pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Hey everyone. It seems I've gotten really lazy now, I don't even *read* LiveJournal anymore, let alone post in it. And that every time I do think of posting, there's gotta be a grand reason. And this time is no different. I'm posting because I'm starting (what I hope will be) a new chapter of my life. Law School. And because, really, I don't know what to think of it. I don't know if I'd have chosen it had the circumstances been different, but I'm hoping I'll like it. And of course I would, I'm doing it, of course it would be better if it were nice. And I'm doing it at WashU, so if anywhere were the best place to do it, I think I've found it.

And also, I'm writing here for a typical LiveJournal-y reason, because I'm sad about something, though the reason itself isn't typical at all. It's crazy. And I know it. But I'm still genuinely saddened by the fact that I can't be everywhere at once. I miss being here in Florida, and I miss my friends here. And I feel bad that I'm hardly ever here, and that I miss so much being away. But at the same time I love my friends in St. Louis, and I'd miss them if I were away. And yet I feel like I see them so little, with my oddly-houred full-time job. That really is strange too. I'm finding that I'm in less desperate need of the money, but again, I don't want to quit because I like the people I work with, and don't want to hurt their feelings. And of course, I'd miss them too and don't know if I'd see them if we didn't work together.

I suppose this is also a turning point because it marks the ending of the little web of secrets that I've built up to do what I want without causing trouble with my parents. It isn't entirely over, but it will be soon. (If you've been out of the loop on this- and I can't blame you, my LJ has been lacking lately- just ask me and I'll tell you all the details. I don't feel like posting them here.) One would think such things would end after high school, but in today's day especially, one isn't fully independent until later it seems. And I'm still not. But I don't think I'll do anything else that I'd need to hide until I am. Which is good, because I'm finding that I really don't like having to do that, to lead a sort of double life. And this is also when people aren't depending on me to keep those secrets or risk putting them in dire straits, which is a huge burden lifted.

At any rate, I think this is all for now, though I plan to keep this more updated, at least it can be an outlet for the crazy law school student that I will probably become.

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Still here [14 Mar 2010|01:16pm]
[ mood | mehh ]

Hey guys. So, I'm still alive. I'm sure that most of you who follow this communicate with me in ways other than LiveJournal, so I'm going to assume you've heard about what's gone on in my life for the past... 4 months? Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been keeping up with this. I dunno... I guess I've just not been as into posting about the cool things that happen, or complaining about things that bother me, or whatnot. It makes me sad a bit, because I have at times gone back to look over what I wrote years ago, and it's really interesting to look back that way, I don't think there are many other ways to really do that either. And I won't really be able to do that for this period in my life that way, because I didn't bother to write.

Then again, the retroactive value itself isn't enough to merit time and effort writing in here, and as much as I don't like admitting it, I guess this journal doesn't have the same effect for me as it used to. I'm still going to keep it, of course, preserving past entries alone would be reason to keep the journal alive, plus I like reading my friends' posts (though I haven't been as thorough about that either, sorry guys!), and there's a chance I might pick it up again later. I know I've complained about my other friends slowly leaving LJ by the wayside and now it looks like I'm doing the same... But I guess when the time feels right maybe that will be different.

Anyways, I wanted to put up an entry to note all this, as it was annoying me that the most recent entry on here was so out of date. But I guess whenever this entry isn't relevant any more, the circumstance will be different and I'll make a new one to sit up at the top.

So, goodbye for now, but I'll see you later sometime!


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A little slice of life here... [13 Nov 2009|09:44am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

So I haven't updated in a while, so I thought I'd let you in on some new developments in my life.

-Kayla and Natalie are gone. Fully gone. Since I last wrote in here (though I'm sure you've heard a bit about it from me in person), they both started being mean and crazy and it was just ridiculous. Eventually they took most of their stuff and stormed out, after a few crazy and stressful days we agreed to just make it official and take Natalie off the lease. She came to get her stuff (and bring back what she and Kayla "accidentally" stole), including whatever furniture she and her family wanted (which wasn't much), and now they are gone. Good riddance.

-So now it's just Jaymes, Rodney, and me, the Three Amigos, the Golden Trio, or whatever you want to call us. And our kittens. ^_^ I'm not sure what we'll do when this lease expires though. My parents are really pushing for grad school, though I'm not sure if I really want to go right away. But they're only paying for me to live here for a year. After that, I've either got to go to grad school, move back home, or start paying for stuff on my own.

-Also I've been taking classes galore in preparation for the possibility of grad school. I took the GRE (and did pretty well on it I think :D )and now I'm signed up for the LSAT. And LSAT classes. Every weekday for HOURS. I think half of me could use this as an opportunity to see if I really do have any interest in Law School. And the other half just doesn't care. This should be interesting.

-I'm finding that I really don't understand the phenomenon where someone acquires a significant other, and then this makes them immensely happier. In life. Like yes, a relationship is something you should be happy and excited about, but when mopey people suddenly become happy and cheerful, or expect that they will become so with a relationship, it just doesn't seem to make sense. Not to mention, what if that relationship doesn't work? Won't they go back to being just as much of a downer, if not worse?

-I'm finding that going back to campus events is a sort of bittersweet thing now. Like it's nice to see everyone and meet new people too and enjoy the events I've frequented for years. But then again it's always still the slightest bit different- I don't know as many people, I can't use a Campus Card, and invariably someone asks why I'm on campus if I graduated.

-I also feel like there are just fewer people from WashU that I regularly keep contact with and see a lot. A good number of my closest friends have graduated and most of the remaining ones are busy seniors who I still don't see enough. And those who I'd ordinarily be relatively close with I don't see as much because I'm not in classes or on campus like I used to be. I'm kinda glad that Jaymes and Rodney are my close friends but didn't go to WashU. On the one hand I feel like college and my experience is such a major part of my life that they just wouldn't understand because they can't relate. But then again, it's nice to know that they can be a major part of my life in general that is separate from my WashU experience, and it helps me transition away from WashU being *everything* in my life.

Contest Update: No one got the last entry's songline, so I put it in this one too! It should be easy to find now, since you can just see what is repeated and it's pretty long and similarly inserted. And because it is kinda hard, for THIS ENTRY ONLY (!!!) I'm letting you use google. Go!!

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In the Realms of Romance [29 Sep 2009|11:39am]
[ mood | calm ]

So, I haven't actually updated in a while, hmm. Well, I will try to be better about it, I do have some entries that need entering. Heh. And today's entry addresses once again, how I feel about romance. It's funny, my friend Kayla (who by the way, is now living with us- the reason she's with us isn't so fun, but she is, so things are working pretty well!) commented, when she found out I was a virgin, "by choice, right?", implying, well, that if I wanted it I could have had it without too much trouble.

As for ..."it", I'd say that's definitely by choice. I've yet to find anyone I've wanted to do "it" with, but as for a relationship in the first place... I don't know. Maybe it's both. That the opportunity really hasn't come to me, and I'm not sure I'd take it even if it did. But then again, this isn't the opportunity for "it", it's the opportunity for a relationship, and I wouldn't enter one with just anyone. So maybe it's more like half of me is waiting for someone very very special, and the other half just doesn't care enough to have a relationship at all.

And then of course there are the things that frustrate me about relationship and all assorted conditions. This past weekend was a pretty good example of that- all the immaturity, stupidity, mind games, frustration- why would anyone want that? Usually for the wrong reasons. Which leads me to the position that the ideal people in a relationship would not need one, would miss the *person* if it didn't work, but not dive right into another relationship because they miss being *in* one. Then again, practically speaking, how often are those kinds of people in relationships? It seems to be that it isn't "nice guys" or "mean guys" that finish first, but relationship-focused people. But if they're the ones who force it or push too hard or compromise for the sake of having someone, that doesn't bode well for the existence of healthy couples.

Then again, one could argue the opposite. As Rodney pointed out, you can't just wait for someone perfect to come to you, you might be waiting forever. You have to put in some effort, and deal with the fact that sometimes that leads to all sorts of frustrations and possibly hurting someone. So maybe it's fair, that those who put in more effort in being in a relationship are more likely to end up in one. Still, surely there must be some other way, some option besides waiting for someone else to do all the work and trying way too hard?

Sigh. Perhaps if I find a relationship I'll find the answer.

Contest Update: Last entry's winner was... Felicia AGAIN!! You are on a roll!! :D And this one shouldn't be too bad. It's a long entry (though the line is more towards the beginning than the end), and the song is *somewhat* well known, but it's a good song, and those of you with good taste should take it no problem! The current standings are...Jaymes:1, Hilary:2, AlexJeffery:1, Nikhil:1, WrightWing:1, Felicia:3, and Sadi:1.

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Sarah you are the awesome!! [17 Sep 2009|12:09am]
[ mood | amused ]

So I was about to watch a video with Sarah, and then I got a phone call and had to delay a bit. This is the conversation I came back to:

[00:03] Farscape Runner: bwahahahhaha
[00:03] Farscape Runner: hoohooohooo
[00:04] Farscape Runner: bwoop bwoop bwoop!
[00:04] Farscape Runner: moop moop mopp
[00:04] Farscape Runner: meeep meep bwop!
[00:04] Farscape Runner: cat cat bewo
[00:04] Farscape Runner: meow! i men
[00:04] Farscape Runner: mean
[00:04] Farscape Runner: men?
[00:04] Farscape Runner: icky
[00:04] Farscape Runner: ze meaning of ze lifes
[00:04] Farscape Runner: i'm iming youuuu
[00:05] Farscape Runner: do your own thang
[00:05] Farscape Runner: bwoop
[00:05] Farscape Runner: that sound's funny
[00:05] Farscape Runner: imma make ur computer keep making it
[00:05] Farscape Runner: Taylor's pretty upset
[00:05] Farscape Runner: nope
[00:05] Farscape Runner: not stay mad
[00:05] Farscape Runner: a few days
[00:05] Farscape Runner: why the hell is he mad?
[00:05] Farscape Runner: LAME
[00:06] Farscape Runner: how to lose each other in 20 minutes. be obsessive
[00:06] Farscape Runner: go go go!
[00:06] Farscape Runner: bye!
[00:06] Farscape Runner: bwoop!
[00:06] Farscape Runner: bwoop!
[00:06] Farscape Runner: bwoop!
[00:08] amaarthi: yay I love this
[00:08] amaarthi: like so much
[00:08] Farscape Runner: you should save it
[00:08] Farscape Runner: read it when you're feeling down
[00:08] amaarthi: here I'm posting it to LJ

Haha. Still no LJ contest entry but I swear one is coming soon!!!

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Goodbye Tiffy... [09 Sep 2009|10:28am]
[ mood | crushed ]

My dog Tiffy died this morning. My dad went to let her out this morning and just found her dead. It was very sudden- she wasn't very old, not yet 13, and wasn't sick. Just yesterday she was running around, barking and playing. We think she may have died in her sleep.

I miss her.

Rest in Peace Tiffy.
January 7, 1997 - September 9, 2009
We love you.
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I have.... A JOB!!! :D [06 Sep 2009|01:24pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Well, the title pretty much says it all. And what's the best way to make money, be responsible AND hold on to that feeling of being a little kid? Working at an elementary school! ^_^

Yep, I'm an Extended Day Counselor at the Wilson School. It's pretty cool, I pretty much get to watch and play with kids (and make sure they don't do anything bad), and everyone, from the administrators to the other counselors to the kids and the parents, is so nice! It's pretty chill. And I work only on afternoons, so I'll never have to work late or get up early. And now Rodney is going to work there with me too! It will be so much fun.

I've only been working there a week so far, but I am so ready for more! Excited. :D

Contest Update: This one's a short entry, a well-known song, and one of my favorites too! I'm sure you all can get this one no problem. Last entry's winner was Felicia!!! Yayy!! Now you are tied for first place! Watch out Hilary! Of course, it can still be anyone's game, and if one of you on the board wins this point, you'll tie for first too! The current standings are... Jaymes:1, Hilary:2, AlexJeffery:1, Nikhil:1, WrightWing:1, Felicia:2, and Sadi:1.

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=/ [30 Aug 2009|02:23pm]
[ mood | awake ]

So I was just looking at a grad school I might want to go to, and one of its requirements was a grade point average of atleast a B. Mine is off of that by 0.2. And I'm thinking most grad schools would have similar qualifications. I'm hoping my GPA doesn't close every door to me. Sigh. I think I'll ask about it on Monday.

In other happier news though, my new scooter is finally here!! (It looks like this: http://happyscooters.com/50cc-4-Stroke-Znen-Moped-Euro-Gas-Motor-Scooters-p-618.html in pink of course) And I rode it this morning, despite all my roommates' concerns. Heh. I think it will take a bit of practice until I can ride it more easily, but it is lots of fun!! :)

Contest Update: Last entry's winner was... well I don't actually know! But based on her LJ username, I'm guessing her name is Sadi. So congrats, Sadi!! Will this mysterious stranger come to steal a win? Who knows? What I do know is that this entry's songline is hard, but atleast it's a short entry. I'll be impressed if any of you get it. Unless you're Felicia. In which case, I'll be disappointed if you don't. :P Heh. The current standings are... Jaymes:1, Hilary:2, AlexJeffery:1, Nikhil:1, WrightWing:1, Felicia:1, and Sadi:1.

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Impatience... [27 Aug 2009|11:01pm]
[ mood | impatient ]

Ok, so no one has gotten this songline yet, and I'm getting impatient. I'm reprinting the paragraph it's in, and giving you more hints.

I guess what it comes down to is, in a week or so, things are gonna be different. And I'm not yet sure how. But I guess atleast I'm not alone. The other day I even saw a commercial for a movie called Post-Grad, about a girl who just graduated and isn't really sure what to do next (which I'm looking forward to seeing with my post-grad friends!), and the movie's IMDb page had hundreds of comments from people saying they could relate to it or were in the same boat. Sigh. And while the economy's certainly not helping, it seems like this stage of life has always been a bit scary and uncertain, because for the first time, there really isn't a clear path for us to follow, so we've got to choose one for ourselves... Mehh. The future freaks me out. >.<;;

The songline is exactly 5 words long, and is exactly one whole sentence.

The line is also the title of the song.

The band's initials are MCS.

You can Google anything except the songline itself.

Ok, at this point you should be able to get all the info you need even if you've never heard this song before. And then I can put up a new entry! So go get it, and write down any tries you may have in the comment (you can try as many times as you want, no penalty!) Good luck, you all can totally get this!

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LJ Contest Clues!! [16 Aug 2009|01:23pm]
[ mood | excited for you to get this! ]

So, there have been no responses so far on the last entry, and in retrospect it really is a hard one, so I'm giving you some hints.

First, I'm narrowing down the space it could be in- it's in the last paragraph, reprinted here:

I guess what it comes down to is, in a week or so, things are gonna be different. And I'm not yet sure how. But I guess atleast I'm not alone. The other day I even saw a commercial for a movie called Post-Grad, about a girl who just graduated and isn't really sure what to do next (which I'm looking forward to seeing with my post-grad friends!), and the movie's IMDb page had hundreds of comments from people saying they could relate to it or were in the same boat. Sigh. And while the economy's certainly not helping, it seems like this stage of life has always been a bit scary and uncertain, because for the first time, there really isn't a clear path for us to follow, so we've got to choose one for ourselves... Mehh. The future freaks me out. >.<;;

Second, the title itself is in the entry, exactly that, no more no less.

Third, it comprises one full sentence.

Fourth, the band that sings this song has a 3-word name, and the first word starts with M.

Finally, this song is found on their first album.

So there you have it, 5 clues to help you get 5 points! (Or atleast this one) And, while the rules state that you can't look up the line on Google, you can use the internet to find out more about the band, and you should, because they're pretty cool! And if you figure out what the band is, you can listen to their songs on YouTube and see if you can pick out the songline. Good luck!

And because this entry needs some substance, if you want an amusing and efficient (albeit the slightest bit sketchy) experience with buying a box-set of DVDs, you should check out dvdsetshop.com. They sell box-sets of multiple seasons of a show, for absurdly cheap prices. (My brother got 5 seasons of Entourage for $45!) And, when it got here, it was full of lol-worthy Engrish! First of all the postage card said it was sent from "handan, China" from "MR. FAN". Aside from that (and the part where Mr. Fan was supposed to sign, which was another all-caps rubber-stamping), nothing else was capitalized. We open a somewhat official looking box to find a pile of DVDs in plastic sleeves, the one on top being "the complete thirdly season". And the rest of them are littered with Chinese characters and attempts at the tagline- "Fame. It't better with your friends." and "The shark is back Fame." And when you choose an episode, the numbers go from right to left instead of left to right (ex. Episode 4 is on the right column, 5 and 6 are on the left). And, it automatically puts Chinese subtitles on, and we saw them in every language (it offers a variety of possibilities- Indonesian, anyone?) before we figured out how to turn them off. But the quality is great and we were quite amused (though that might have more to do with the fact that my brother and I and our friends were up almost all the night before)... Ah, sleepovers are fun times.

Contest Update: No one's gotten this point yet, go for it! Note- there's no new songline, just the one from last entry.

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A is for Adultery, V is for Vendetta, and B is for... Breast Reduction?? >.<;; [13 Aug 2009|01:04pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey all. And before you ask, the title has nothing to do with anything really, just something I thought up for no particular reason and found amusing. And speaking of amusing, my life's been pretty cool and amusing lately... (Hey would you look at that! I DID tie it in!! :D )

So I went on that trip to Tampa and Epcot, and it really was amazing! So nice to see Felicia and everyone else too! Not to mention Epcot's changed a lot since I last went there (like 10 years ago) so it felt all new and different. About halfway through the day it rained, which caused us to hide out in Germany for a bit, but then eventually Tony and Ashley and I got antsy and decided to "country-hop" instead, dashing from covered-area to covered area. (Also leading to things like "If we keep running, we can make it to Italy!" And Tony yelling "Get into Italy!" as we pushed through the crowd to find a dry spot under an awning.) By the time we were running to America, we were laughing so hard we could barely get words out, with stuff like "I can see America, we just need to survive this water!" and "If we can reach America, we can become citizens!" And Tony remarking, "Well I'm Cuban, but I don't know if that works for you guys..." And we were also so amused by the American place selling burgers and hotdogs that they could acquire so much easier than all the ethnic food, and me pulling out exactly 2 pennies from my pocket effortlessly when I needed 2 cents in change. And of course the group reunited in Japan, which had the biggest store and seemed like it was stocked by anime fangirls! Though it had a lot of cool, pretty non-anime stuff too of course. All in all, a fun trip, and shoutouts to Felicia cause it was her birthday and Tony because he's in Japan now with the JET program.

And I also went to a GreenDay concert with Mackenzie and Hali, which was also a blast! Now I like GreenDay in general, and their songs are great, but the thing that makes this one my favorite concert I've been to was their stage presence. The show was practically *interactive*! Even from the 3rd level up (lowest being floor), we were clapping and waving our arms and dancing the whole time, surrounded by folk doing the same. There were so many times Billie Joe would hold up his mic to let the audience sing too. He even pulled audience members onto the stage to sing with him, or play his guitar, or stage dive. He also shot toilet paper out of a gun contraption, saying he was "TPing the crowd". (Mackenzie and I wondered how many fans kept their toilet paper afterward and whether anyone would think it strange that they'd save toilet paper if they just saw it in their room.) And there were even 2 encores, the first with the whole band and the second with just Billie Joe acoustically singing a couple songs, ending with the classic "Time of Your Life". And let me tell you, I *did* have the time of my life. :)

And then there was a wedding in Boston for one of our family-friends, which of course meant our little Florida crowd all flew up there together for it. It was pretty fun, like a continuous party, because we all stayed in the same hotel and could all hang out till odd hours of the night dancing or talking (there was a dinner-and-dance thing the day before the wedding and a reception the day of) and not worry about driving home or having to do stuff the next day. Well, sort of, the wedding was at 9:30 AM, though when we jokingly complained about having to wake up early, Kishore told us we could get there at 10:30 and not miss anything, since that's when his bride would walk in. (As it happened though, that wasn't the case- they somehow managed to get done with the introductory ceremonies 15 minutes early, so Priya came in at 10:15. We wondered what would happen if she'd only planned on needing to go at 10:30 and wasn't ready yet, and if so, would the wedding singers have to sing for 15 minutes straight until she was there and the next part could begin?) The Florida folk seemed to band together really well and show some Florida spirit, especially when there were so many more guests from Boston (which was to be expected, they didn't have to fly up to be there). Though it was also funny that while everyone else just sat quietly, it was our group that buzzed about taking pictures or got visibly impatient when the father-in-law gave a neverending and disconnected speech.

And of course, as weddings always do, it got me thinking about the nature of marriage and how it might fit into my own life (the last thought was spurred by the increasing number of comments I got about "So when's it going to be your turn?", though I didn't have it as bad as my friend Pallavi, who is 4 years older than me). But this time, I came to a refreshingly simple conclusion. Weddings are, undoubtedly, a lot of fun. There's gathering everyone in the same place, designing everything just the way you want it, everyone relaxing and dancing full of celebration, and feeling like a queen or king for a day. But, it's only when you find someone for whom, the thought of living with them and spending time with them for the rest of your lives, is so great that it *dwarfs* the amount of fun and excitement the actual wedding has, *that's* when you marry them. And then you can relax, because even a wedding where nothing goes the way it should, with that person, is worlds better than a perfect wedding with anyone else.

And now, here I am again, spending my last week here seeing people and getting things done before heading back up to St. Louis. And I'm finding, though I've diligently been telling my St. Louis friends I'll be back as soon as I can (and I do love you all, St. Louis friends!), I'm finding more and more that I'm not looking forward to leaving. Which isn't too uncommon- it seems I only get homesick when I've been here a while and then am about to leave- but it is different in that this time it was my choice. And I don't question that I made the right one- as fun as this is, my friends are already starting to go back to other places, and I do have plenty of resources at WashU and in St. Louis that will be useful to me. But I wonder if that's really *why* I decided to go back, or whether it was motivated in a bigger part than I thought, by the fact that I want to recapture the way things were in college. Of course, if that's the case, I can't guarantee being here would be any different- if being in St. Louis would feel the same as being in college, being here would feel the same as this summer did, which, while awesome, wasn't really meant for being productive.

I guess what it comes down to is, in a week or so, things are gonna be different. And I'm not yet sure how. But I guess atleast I'm not alone. The other day I even saw a commercial for a movie called Post-Grad, about a girl who just graduated and isn't really sure what to do next (which I'm looking forward to seeing with my post-grad friends!), and the movie's IMDb page had hundreds of comments from people saying they could relate to it or were in the same boat. Sigh. And while the economy's certainly not helping, it seems like this stage of life has always been a bit scary and uncertain, because for the first time, there really isn't a clear path for us to follow, so we've got to choose one for ourselves... Mehh. The future freaks me out. >.<;;

Contest Update: Last entry's winner was... Felicia!! Yaayyyyyyy!!! Welcome to the board! Watch out folks, we now have last contest's winner AND one of the runner-ups vying for this one's prize! (The other runner-up you don't need to worry about though, I think he deleted his LJ...) And our current standings are... Jaymes:1, Hilary:2, AlexJeffery:1, Nikhil:1, WrightWing:1, and Felicia:1. This one's a little tough guys, but it's near the end, and this songline comes to us from a band that came to me from Mysti, back in the day when we lived together. And that's all the hint you're getting! Good luck!

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LJ Contest Hint [03 Aug 2009|05:59pm]
[ mood | encouraging ]

Ok guys, I'm giving you a hint on the last entry's songline, since none of you have gotten it yet. It's in the latter half of the entry, so focus your efforts there. And, you may recognize this song from the fact it recently played during a commercial! (And maybe is still playing...)

Everything else is the same, good luck guys! You can do this!

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Trips Trips and More Trips! [28 Jul 2009|12:47am]
[ mood | excited ]

Hello again. Back to normal posts now, props though, to anyone who read the entirety of the last one. I hope you found it atleast worth your while. And speaking of being back, I'm also back in Florida after visiting my cousins!

It was nice, and reminded me of why I like spending time with my family. We usually go there for a week or two at a time, not the 4 days we went this year, but my parents didn't have too many days off left. Heh, it's kinda odd cause it usually takes me a couple days to get used to being there and it starts feeling like a second home and not just a vacation, but this time we left practically as soon as that happened! >.<;; Sigh. It was still a good 4 days though. My aunt makes me feel like a princess (she even gives me a room to myself upstairs that she calls the "Princess room", so I don't have to share with my parents or worry about waking them if I stay up late).

And with my cousins and their friends I can be the opposite, "one of the guys". Heh. I got to ride on Kartik's ATV with him and my cousin Hari and Amar and their friend Hasan. It was like one of the most fun things ever! :D We drove around their massive backyard and the woods behind their house. Of course, I did all that while wearing the nice white pants I was supposed to wear when guests arrived later that evening... luckily I was able to wash it well enough to not be too noticeable! Sigh. Sometimes I think it would be so much easier to be a boy, no one expects them to dress nicely and stay neat..!

The only downside of it all is that my family still wants me to go to med school. A family friend, Kunzul, who's a few years older than me, recently decided to go to med school, after 3-4 years of trying other things, and is also getting married. Her parents are thrilled. So are my aunt and uncle, and my parents. After all, we're so close they're like family too, she even introduced me to her fiance with "she's like my little sister". And then they all started telling me why I should go to med school, why it's great, all the people who did and were glad for it. My parents, my aunt and uncle, even Kunzul and her parents!

And I know they meant well, my mom told me later that they'd said they just felt like they had to say something only because they love me. But I wish I didn't have to keep defending my life choices. That they'd just let me be myself for a while. I thought it was done when I'd talked it over with my parents, I hadn't expected to have to deal with everyone all at once. Maybe it will get easier when I have something set that I want to do, so they won't keep hoping they'll convince me to do medicine. But then again, maybe they'll still hope that, like Kunzul, I'm just going through a phase and will come back to medicine in the end.

But it's done now, and I'm back in West Palm again, though not for long! Tomorrow I leave to go visit Felicia in Tampa and go to Epcot too! :D :D :D yayyyyy!

Contest Update: Last entry's winner was... WrightWing!!! Yayyyy! Welcome to the board! Speaking of which, that would be... Jaymes:1, Hilary:2, AlexJeffery:1, Nikhil:1, WrightWing:1. This one's not too hard, and it's one of my favorite songs of the moment, I know you all can find it!

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You know, I know nothing about boats but I thought I'd anthropomorphize them anyway... [22 Jul 2009|03:52pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

It was a calm evening as Captain Starling looked over his boats before heading home for the night. He ran his Marina with benevolence and grace, defending the land from any rogue vessels or fleets of pirate ships. His men were constantly building new ships, experimenting with new techniques and designs, and he would test them out, choosing the fastest, strongest ships to be part of his fleet, the Marines. These Marines were the most revered of the ships, looked up to by the other ships and constantly improving themselves as well. The other ships would be rented or sold, occasionally returning to the Marina briefly with lots of stories to share. All, except his prized show boat, Marie Anna. She was the jewel of his collection, the most beautiful ship he'd ever seen. He had used to take her out for joyrides, or sail with her when giving his friends and family a taste of the Marina. But lately he had hardly had time to visit the Marina at all, and when he did, it was usually to train his Marines. Not a problem, he assumed, as they'll just be here when I get back, just as I've left them.

Or so he thought. For what Captain Starling didn't know was that when he left the Marina, his many boats had a life perhaps even more vibrant than his own. The Marines, and their bold leader Geroni, went from a respected upper class to a pushy, exclusive gang. And LeFaye went from an unusual but quickly overlooked boat, to FailBoat. For LeFaye, unlike the other boats in the Marina, could not sail. Maybe his hull was too thick or his sails too small, but for whatever reason, no matter what the wind was like, soon after he set sail, he'd soon begin to descend into the water and his sails would deflate.

He was given the nickname long ago, when one of Geroni's subordinates, Rassi, had teased him after a run-in with the gang. LeFaye had tried to quickly slink away, hoping the encounter would be breif, but Rassi had goaded him on. "What about a sail, LeFaye?" To this, LeFaye only sped away quicker. But before he could escape, Rassi had shouted, "You know, I think you should rearrange the letters in your name. It would fit you much better if your name was FAIL!" He had considered for a moment a retort that the letters in his name were not the same ones in the word 'fail', but before he could, another goon joined in. "Yeah, you're not a sailboat, you're a FAILboat!" And they had all chanted "FailBoat! FailBoat!" until unfortunately it had stuck.

And so that was how he was known when not in the Captain's presence, as it seemed the name preceded him; boats whom he had never spoken to already knew him as FailBoat. Except to Marie Anna. For Marie Anna was not docked with the other boats, she was kept at the captain's private dock, and would visit the Marina only when the Captain would. And when that happened, all eyes would be on her. Sometimes she would choose a ship to sail with, and they'd dash through the waves together. LeFaye hoped incessantly during each of her visits that she would pick him. Of course, that was quite a longshot as she had never actually spoken to her before.

But on this visit, something felt a little different. Something seemed strange. The Captain stood at the center dock, addressing every boat. "I've come to tell you all that you won't be seeing me any more," he began. Gasps penetrated the air as he continued, "...because I'll be retiring. But I am leaving everything in the capable young hands of Captain Jade." And that was how it came to be that he sold the Marina to Captain Jade, everything, including his own Marie Anna, and Captain Jade decided he'd make some changes. He wanted to downsize. Fewer and fewer boats were made, and those that were became standardized, each one a copy of the last. He focused on selling a lot of the boats, and those he didn't sell or use in his fleet, he planned on scrapping.

It seemed only the Marines profited from this change of management. The others were quickly shipped out or lived in fear of being scrapped if they did not leave soon. Marie Anna seemed to be taking it the worst of all. No longer her Captain's prized pet, she too now lived in the Marina, and had to endure constant stares and passes and catcalls until she eventually spent her days hiding, trying to avoid the other boats altogether. But her nature could not keep her at the shores for long, and so she would come out at night, sailing (slowly, for there was no wind) alone by moonlight. And it was there that for the first time, she ran into LeFaye.

He had not expected to see anyone else out there, that was why he'd chosen the dark of the night as his cover. And so it surprised him when he heard the sound of himself crashing into another boat, though that couldn't compare to the surprise when he found that this boat was Marie Anna. "I'm so... so sorry!" he stammered, but she just laughed politely. "It's nothing at all! But you must have been going pretty fast, I'm surprised you didn't leave a dent!" And then they both laughed, and LeFaye finally relaxed as she said, "I'm Marie Anna." "I know," he replied. "Oh," she said, realizing that everyone else probably did too, "Well what is your name?" And he paused only for a moment before responding, "LeFaye."

And that was how they became friends, meeting covertly, but with increasing regularity, to play in the moonlight. They could not truly sail, as there was no wind, but they could still dash through the rippling waves near the shore, jumping slightly when they passed through each other's wake. Marie Anna thought nothing of the times when LeFaye would descend into the water, on the contrary, she was always enthralled when he'd dip below the surface and come back unscathed, holding smooth rocks or pretty shells he'd found for her at the ocean's floor.

And so this continued until the night Marie Anna told him something unfortunate. "I'm going to be sold tomorrow," she said. LeFaye was hopeful for a moment before she continued, "...to a junkyard." "No!" he said, genuinely disbelieving, "Not you!" "I guess it's a time of war, no one wants a pretty ship. They only want battleships." The sat quietly close together for a moment before she continued, "I want to escape. To sail away from here! And I want you to come with me." And LeFaye was speechless. Not, as Marie Anna surely assumed, thinking over whether he would be willing to run away with her- he'd do it in a heartbeat- but realizing the fact that Marie Anna never knew he couldn't sail. He couldn't bring himself to allow her to learn that.

"Come! Sail away! Come sail away, with me," she persuaded. But he was frozen. "I can't," he said. "But... but why?" she asked, dismayed. "Because I'm not meant to sail," he said, the tears already forming, "I'm a FailBoat!" And he sped off, as fast as he could, eventually dipping under the surface, and was gone before Marie Anna could give the matter another thought.

But neither of them would sail away the next morning, for when they awoke, they saw that the Marina was under attack! A fleet of pirate ships had appeared, attempting to take over the Marina. The Captain's fleet, of course was sent out immediately to fight. The others were herded to a corner in the back, told to allow the Marines to take care of it. And so it seemed as if it would be just like any fight, until there was a shout from the crowd. "Look! Over there! It's Marie Anna!" And sure enough, it was. They had taken her hostage, severely tilting the tables in their favor.

As the pirates edged dangerously close, Geroni commanded his boats, "They're too close. We have to take chances and attack, even if it means hitting our own ship." And at that LeFaye jolted to attention. Surely he couldn't compete with the Marines, but he couldn't let them hurt Marie Anna! "I want to help!" he told Geroni, resolutely, but he was only met with laughter. And, of course, Rassi's wit. "You couldn't be a Marine! You're so subordinate that even if you *were* a Marine, you'd be a Sub-Marine!" And the Marines laughed, as LeFaye slunk back toward the others. But their spirits were short-lived, as the pirates had sent floating, burning barges in their direction, effectively forming a barrier, shielding them from attack.

But it wasn't in retreat that LeFaye slunk away this time. He was on a mission. He went back to the shed, where boat parts were housed. It was rarely used since Captain Starling's day. And he gritted his teeth as he ripped off his worn, misshapen mast, and strapped to himself more of the heavy metal that made his hull, until it covered him completely, and then dove off toward the battle. He submerged before anyone could see him, from either fleet, and swam under the barges. He rammed their floors as hard as he could, again and again, until they splintered and broke apart, the fire slowly dissipating. But before the pirates could figure out what was happening he continued swiftly, ramming now into their own hulls, continuing until the pirates' screams filled the air, until he had no energy at all left.

It wasn't until the battle was nearly over that Marie Anna could glean the identity of her savior. And when she did, she took his hand, helping him back to the docks amid cheers and shouts. When he awoke, Captain Jade had declared him a hero. He had stopped selling his boats, and disbanded the Marines, admitting that he didn't yet know what truly made a good fighter. Still, he had appointed LeFaye in charge of the fleet, and so LeFaye spent his days training boats of all shapes and sizes to be ready for any other attacks. And with all the newfound popularity, the world's first submarine hardly had a free moment all day. But the night was a different story. He spent his nights with Marie Anna, dancing in the waves by moonlight as they always had.

LJ Contest Update: Last week's winners are... Nikhil and Hilary again!! Which puts Hilary at first place right now. But don't worry guys, it's still anyone's game. Even those who've barely made it on the board are still in second place. And I know this entry's long, but you can do it. The songline is in the later half of the story. But you should read the whole thing anyway, and besides, you just might enjoy it! :) The current contest standings are... Jaymes:1, Hilary:2, AlexJeffery:1, Nikhil:1.

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I'm doing Science and I'm still alive... [06 Jul 2009|10:42am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Or more precisely, I'm done. Finally. And I'm still alive. Woot. I'm back home in Florida after completing both assignments I needed to graduate, and I can (finally!) give you all my year-in-review entry.

The year, in general, was good. But of course it would be, with all the cool people I know and love. I'd say the most shocking bit of it was me deciding not to go to grad school just yet. Don't get me wrong, I fully intend to go, and always have, but I'm waiting until I know exactly what I want to pursue first. And I'm still working on that.

I think if nothing else, doing those assignments over the summer cemented in my mind that I definitely don't want to spend my life doing science. If I never have to read another scientific paper again, ever, I'd be quite glad for it. And I think after, well, 4 years, my parents finally are ok with me not being pre-med. They're ok with me staying in St. Louis, even though I don't know what I want to do, so I can try and figure it out. Granted, they aren't that excited about me working with My Tyme Missouri to help secure LGBT rights.

*I've just told my mom about working with My Tyme*
Me: So I'll be working to further equality.
Mom: Ecology? :D
Me: No. Equality.
Mom: Equality... for whom?
Me: Uhhh... everyone?
Mom: Oh. Well, wouldn't you rather work in a lab? You're still going to look for other things, right?

Sigh. Well, either way, *I'm* excited. I think activism will be cool. Also they are always looking for more folk, so if you wanna lobby and campaign and raise awareness for a good cause, let me know and I'll pass the word along!

Oh, and while we're posting conversations with my parents, these just must be posted...

Dad: So where's the 4th of July?
Me: Everywhere...!?
Dad: Oh, I meant *when's* the 4th of July?
Me: The 4th... of July...
(For the record, what he really meant was whether the 4th of July was on Saturday or Sunday)

*My mom has just realized that she accidentally closed the refrigerator door with a kitten inside. They jump in all the time. The kitten was released unharmed.*
Mom: I don't know what happened, I just opened it for a second...*awkward pause, but she still feels guilty*... Maybe he went in there because it was cool, it must be nice with all this heat...*still no one's responded*... Sometimes I wish I could sit inside a refrigerator...

Haha anyways. Speaking of my parents, they've also told me they are officially looking to find me a husband. Granted, they said they'd want to make sure it was someone I *wanted* to marry, and they'd let me get to know him for atleast 2-3 years, and that's why they're starting now. So this will be interesting. I doubt that the arranged marriage thing will end up happening, but as for the details of how it does or doesn't play out, only time will tell. In that category however, I will note, that over the years I've kissed (in my opinion) a lot of boys. Now it's still chaste, none of those kisses even involved tongue. But also, none of them involved any kind of commitment. Despite all the boys I've kissed, I've still never had a boyfriend. (Now granted, a few of them came close, a couple could be considered boyfriends, but the boys themselves made it clear that *they* did not see it that way.) And being single is fine with me. But I'm finding that now atleast, random kissing is not. I don't regret any of it, I enjoyed the kissing, but now that I've done that I only want to kiss someone if it will mean something more than just enjoyment. And it doesn't have to be an exclusive relationship right away, even just a legit date, that will show that he sees me as someone he *could* be in a relationship with.

This year has also brought me as many roommates over the course of it as when I lived in a suite! (More if you count my kittens) But I think all of them were important in one way or another. I'm going to really miss living with Mysti. I'm glad I got to do it once more before we all start settling into more permanent arrangements. Living with Mysti is one of the few things that hasn't changed since freshman year. It's still awesome. There were points at which I wished I'd taken up her offer of living with her again (and I would have too if I didn't have hopes of living with Fern again at the time), but I think in the end it worked out because now I have a Jaymes, Rodney, and Natalie! :D And kittens! ^_^

And... I guess that's it. In more ways than one. The end of my review entry, and the end of this year. I guess I've been waiting for some time when it will all hit me, that I've graduated, that college is over, that whatever comes next is about to begin. Maybe it would be my last exam, my last farewell banquet, hugging Chancellor Wrighton at the ArtSci ceremony (which was awesome!), or tossing my cap and poncho into the air at Commencement. Or finishing this assignment. But that realization hasn't come, and I don't think it's going to. Not in a moment anyway. Maybe it will come slowly, as a result of all of those milestones, and more to come, until one day I look back and see myself as an adult and a graduate, and don't know exactly when or how that happened.

And hey, who's to say it's really an end anyway? The entry, after all, like so many, is still going, I've even started a new paragraph! Maybe it's a beginning. They say every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end, so maybe that's what this is. And if so, I'm not sure what it is a beginning *of*, but I guess I'll find out soon..!

Contest Update: Surprise again! There's two in here also! Since I made you all wait so long, I made it worth your while. :) Last entry's winners were Hilary and Alex Jeffery! Now you're all tied for first! And the rest of you are all tied for second, and if you get these two you'll take the lead! So go get those minds rolling, and take advantage of this double-point entry, you won't get another for a while! The current standings are: Jaymes:1, Hilary:1, AlexJeffery:1.

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Inter-posting or, Some Trippy Musings to Start Your Day! [18 Jun 2009|05:30pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

So, once again, not the review entry, but I will do it when I've got more time. Lately I've been considering how interesting it is, how people balance caring about themselves with caring about others. Or how people have different levels of caring in general. Now I imagine that like most characteristics, there's a range of levels across the population, but I also wonder where I stand on it. I've been told by various friends that I care about others more than most people, and while it's flattering, I wonder if it's asking too much to try to find someone who feels similarly (like if we're talking romance or something).

I've also been told that I'd probably stress less if I didn't worry so much about pleasing everybody. And it might be true. Maybe my weakness is that I care too much. But I also don't think caring about what people think is necessarily a bad thing. I mean, people tell you not to care what people think, but I think what they really mean is to not stop being yourself because you worry people won't like you. If no one cared at all what people thought, people would probably be a lot meaner, which wouldn't be productive (yes, sometimes brutal honesty *is* useful, but in those cases there's a greater good to outweigh the bad).

And on the topic of romance, I wonder if there are people who are as romantic and awesome as the ones in songs and movies. Blame it on actually learning lyrics due to SingStar, but I really want to meet someone who'd proudly be the man who walked a thousand miles to come find me. Or, you know, some other more practical form of transportation. But sigh. I know I've high standards, but it would be nice to find someone who met them.

LJ Contest Update: Jaymes has scored the first point! Watch out folks, or this Underdog Princess will steal this contest again! Also, another incentive for you to do this contest- if you get a point, you'll also get a cool nickname!! And there's 2 points to be made in this entry- one songline that's really easy, and another that's a bit harder. They aren't in the same paragraph either. Good luck folks! The current standings are- Jaymes:1.

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One last-ditch attempt to give you a hint at this songline! [11 Jun 2009|12:38pm]
[ mood | impatient ]

LJ Contest Update: Ok guys, no one's gotten this songline yet, and I'm throwing one last LJ entry with hints on it before I move on to the next songline and my year-in-review entry. Props to those who've tried, if you do I might just let you know if you're close! And you can try as many times as you like as long as it's a genuine effort. And you know what? Even if it's a wrong answer, you're still a rockstar for trying. And you'll be having more fun once we're done with this line and have moved on the next one! And I think you all are capable, you can succeed with flying colors! If you still can't get it even now, I'll give you all the hint I gave Hilary. Just don't start a fight.

Ok, here it is, one last time... (I've even narrowed it down even more!)

Hey all! So I know this isn't the year in review entry, but it's coming! And now that we're done with classes I do have more time to write in LJ... So be on the lookout! Anyways. No reason not to give you some LJ fun though! And I will, in the form of an LJ contest!!

Good luck guys, I know you can do this. And if you have any ideas, please do atleast respond and try.

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LJ Contest Poll... [07 Jun 2009|10:13am]
[ mood | calm ]

Hey all! Ok guys, so no one has gotten the first LJ contest point yet. And I do remember the first point taking a while last time too. I dunno whether it's just you all getting into the groove, that there's fewer people reading/using LJ now (and thus less chance of getting someone who just knows it), or if my contest really is just too hard. So, I'm making a poll. Please do take it! First one to respond to the poll gets a (major!) hint for the LJ contest!

1. Have you attempted to look for a lyric in the new LJ contest?

2. Were you around for the last LJ contest 3 years ago? (And if so...)

3. Did you regularly look for lyrics in that contest?

4. Did you ever find any instantly (even if someone had beat you to it)?

5. Did you use Google or any other lyric-finding resources to help you? (As someone pointed out, it wasn't expressly forbidden, just implied, so I guess I can't technically fault you)

6. Would you be more willing to participate in this LJ contest if it were easier? (Using a song title instead of a line, allowing Google, narrowing down the area it could be in, etc...)

And finally, if you're still up for it, here's a copied section of the entry, the paragraph that contains the songline:

Hey all! So I know this isn't the year in review entry, but it's coming! And now that we're done with classes I do have more time to write in LJ... So be on the lookout! Anyways. No reason not to give you some LJ fun though! And I will, in the form of an LJ contest!! Those of you who were around and reading back in freshman year will remember the first contest, the rules are the same. And for those of you who weren't, here's a recap!

* * * * *

And once again, good luck! Try your luck with a response, it might just be correct!
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