Aarthi (silverfyre) wrote,

Bloodthirsty Cloud ^_^

This entry is for Greg. Not just this part that pertains to him, but this whole entry. Thanks for putting my Cloud on your Masscot page. :)

Here's a brief description of the Bloodthirsty Cloud:

Created in a freak accident by a careless GenChem student, the Bloodthirsty Cloud is one of the more interesting creatures to come out of modern science. Armed with sharp fangs, the Cloud drinks his sustenance in a vampirical fashion, though interestingly enough does not kill his victims, and most recover within a day. Though he cannot speak, he can make a breathy noise that sounds a bit like "cloud", which only other clouds and those closest to him can understand. He spends a good amount of time with his best friend and sidekick, Greg, but still would like a lady-friend to be his companion. Strangely enough, though he is generally nonviolent, most women can't seem to get past the fact that he's a cloud...

Yep. You know who you are, you can just copy and paste it. And if any of you remember the Bloodthirsty Cloud from any of the previous comics, or have just read that above description and would like to see the Cloud in all its glory, check it out here: http://www.umbralkin.blogspot.com And while you're over there, check out some of the others too, they're pretty cool. Also, I have some Bloodthirsty Cloud comics planned, with enough encouragement (read: pestering) I might actually get them written! And if you're a fan of comics, check out http://www.humanextinction.blogspot.com and http://cu.nniling.us They'll give you a quirky and original humor. And here's a nice traditional one: http://www.gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/

Random Thought of the Entry: Tomorrow I wake to the chicken!! (Inside suitemate joke really, but if you've been lucky enough to sleepover at my house in Florida you might know what we mean...)
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